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Aihe: OMSI Päivitykset  (Luettu 4839 kertaa)


OMSI Päivitykset
« : Joulukuu 31, 2013, 14:09:39 »
Tähän ketjuun tulee ilmoitus kun päivitys julkaistaan

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Vs: Päivitykset
« Vastaus #1 : Tammikuu 02, 2014, 17:34:21 »
Ensimmäinen päivitys julkaistu:

- Schedule Analysis window will be displayed correctly
- Schedule Analysis window won't show anymore while changing between main vehicle and trailer
- Taken measures against the ODE access error
- It is saved again if the steering wheel is active
- Problem with the matrix / roll sign initialization Grundorf (no passengers get on) solved
- Passengers in the trailer also complain about bad driving style (and exit if necessary)
- Safety mechanism: While bad frame rates OMSI loads the minimum options and if it crashes the multithreading will be deactivated
- Repaint templates
- From moving AI vehicles, the focus can be changed
- Larger entry points, which are also suitable for articulated buses
- "Vehicle has invalid Vehicle data" message should no longer occur (failure message)
- Check for completeness of objects and splines and specific error message
- Some smaller fixes on the spandau map
- Further measures taken against errors while loading another map
« Viimeksi muokattu: Tammikuu 02, 2014, 17:50:42 kirjoittanut --- »


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Vs: Päivitykset
« Vastaus #2 : Tammikuu 03, 2014, 20:48:00 »
Pieni päivitys 008 on julkaistu ja se sisältää seuraavan asian:


* Correct bug from patch 006: Errors with bus stops in editor and simulator


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Vs: Päivitykset
« Vastaus #3 : Tammikuu 21, 2014, 07:39:17 »
Seuraavassa päivityksessä olevia bugikorjauksia:

Lainaus käyttäjältä: Rüdiger Hülsmann Omsi-foorumilla
Problems we are currently working on:

- E/A error during keyboard and game controller cunfiguration
- AI buses caught in infinite loop, e. g. in Ruhleben
- Unlighted objects at night-time
- Wrong line displays on night and service runs
- Invalid AI paths at several locations

Finished solutions, probably ready to be included in the next patch:

- Missing new assignments added to the default key mapping
- Ever changing pop up of distant tiles removed
- Terrain collision ("invisible wall") in Falkensee removed (corrected algorithm when creating the collision mesh)
- Driveable route 92 from 30.09.1990
- Focus can be changed from a driving AI bus
- Rear part of the NG272 will be placed correctly when loading a situation
- Formatting of the main menu independent from Windows zoom setting
- Correct formatting in the options menu
- Web texture loading procedure intercepted when there is no internet connection
- Minor debugging on the Spandau map
- Upper front windows on the SD200 in their right place
- New: Progress bar when loading maps and situations

Despite their low priority, we also fix minor bugs at this time because it can simply be done by the way. Furthermore, in the face of major bugfixes, it is often essential to clear up the smaller constraints first to avoid stability issues due to fiddling around with minor stuff after a major bug has already been fixed.
« Viimeksi muokattu: Tammikuu 21, 2014, 12:05:30 kirjoittanut Hedgehog »


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Vs: Päivitykset
« Vastaus #4 : Tammikuu 24, 2014, 13:55:20 »
Päivitys 2.00.016 julkaistu. Meniköhän tämä nyt ihan oikein? Minulle on asentunut samalla kerralla päivitykset .012, .014 ja .016.

Päivitys .012 sisältää:

Bug fix : File transit.zug again like in OMSI 1 (Compatibility old OMSI1 cards)
* Status Bar while loading
* Smoother simulation process with processors with only one or two cores
* Bug fix: Fixed occasional bus stop passings
* Bug fix : Hint and run warning reincluded
* Bug fix (Editor): New tiles adding possible without errors
* Bug fix (Editor): Contains template map for creating your own maps again
* Bug fix: [ Vienna addon ] trams do not blink at bus stops
* Bug fix: [ Vienna addon ] trams blink again in curves
* Bug fix: AI Buses see AI trams and AI bus trailers again
* Bug fix: AI articulated trailer is no longer floating
* Logfile includes date and time of the situation and OMSI version number ( for debugging )
* Bug fix: Gratuitous Invalid schedule data messages removed
* Bug fix: Invalid "Ungültige Fahrplandaten" messages in logfile removed
* Bug fix: Fixed a polygon bug in the swimming pool object


* Bug fix: NG and NL show N30 correctly, not N930 anymore
* Bug fix: Removed invisible wall in Falkensee
* Bug fix: Reset hot key table without missing keys


* AI buses cannot "materialize" near the user bus; so some strange situations with this effect should not occur anymore
* The schedule print will show now the arriving time of the last bus stop, not the departure time
* Bug fix: Lines on depot do not flicker anymore
* Bug fix: Distant tiles do not "flash" anymore
* Bug fix: Situation load: Trailer will be placed properly
* Bug fix: Passenger and pedastrian animation smooth again
* Bug fix: Windows zoom will not lead to problems with start dialogue
* Bug fix: At night, objects are correctly lighted
* Bug fix: No hovering pedastrians anymore
* Bug fix: "N34" instead of "34N" since 1991
* Bug fix: "Glienicke" on N34 even since 1994
* Bug fix: 92 schedule is selectable even since 30.9.1990
* Bug fix: Bus stop Rathaus, line 5 direction Ruhleben has entering passengers again
* Bug fix: Error on user interface (options dialogue) removed
* Bug fix: In case of no internet connection, OMSI will start faster
* Bug fix: No old line numbers on service trips after 1991 anymore
* Bug fix: Removed third rail ramp from station hall Ruhleben
* Bug fix: Added missing open wire pole
* Bug fix: Even at lowest options, the stations in the area Spektefeld will show again
* Bug fix (Editor): Dummy schedule is not neccessary anymore

For debugging the following errors, we add some new logfile entries. If OMSI shows one of these errors
again, please send us the logfile.txt to!

* "E/A-Fehler" while configurating keyboard or game controller
* Crash while ticket bought ("Bereichsfehler")

« Viimeksi muokattu: Tammikuu 26, 2014, 12:04:36 kirjoittanut --- »


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Vs: Päivitykset
« Vastaus #5 : Helmikuu 11, 2014, 18:28:25 »
Uusi päivitys julkaistu, uusin peliversio on 2.00.024.

Päivitys .024 sisältää:

* Bugfix: Soundbug: On some systems, many sounds were missing while playing with multithreading
* Bugfix: "Bereichsfehler" while selling tickets
* Bugfix: Corrected "Group drivings" of AI buses and problems with tour changes on far termini
* Bugfix: E/A-Error while configurating keyboard or game controller
* Bugfix: Perhaps we have fixed the problem while graphics are frozen but simulation is still running
* Bugfix: Bus continues driving while OMSI is showing the "low framerate dialog"
* Bugfix: Depot file entries Freud/Falk
* Bugfix: Side plate corrected for 92 before Sept.'90 (back then without Falkensee)
* Bugfix: Correction of graphic errors on start dialog on older Windows versions
* Bugfix: NOW, the lines on the depot should not flicker anymore! ;-)
* Multi language descriptions/versions for the following file types: *.bus/*.ovh, global.cfg, chrono.cfg, holidays.txt, *.osn, *.owt and Splashscreens
* Echo will be deactivated, if there were erros while setting it up

* New general log file entries
* New log file entries for "Error: Fahrzeug mit Ident 5331 hat mit ungültiger Pathpos versucht eine Belegung zu erzeugen!"


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Vs: Päivitykset
« Vastaus #6 : Helmikuu 21, 2014, 17:22:52 »
Pelin tekijät ovat taas työn touhussa, seuraavassa päivityksessä tulevia asioita:

Problems we are currently working on:

Soon there will be lots of new log file entries to get to the bottom of many problems.
The fact that no passengers appear in the passenger tutorial is resolved. For this purpose some bribe was channeled to Grundorf, so that all passengers are willing to participate in the trial run again.
In the future Steam updates should no longer remove the addon activation.

Finished solutions, probably ready to be included in the next patch:

Muokattu viimeksi: 21.2.2014
« Viimeksi muokattu: Helmikuu 23, 2014, 11:59:42 kirjoittanut Veh »


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Vs: Päivitykset
« Vastaus #7 : Maaliskuu 05, 2014, 20:16:06 »
Iso päivitys on tulossa jossain vaiheessa.

Lainaus käyttäjältä: Janine
Dear friends,

today I have some leaked good news from the development for you. As always, we are working on the next big patch. The following fixes are in progress or already done:

Large chunks:
The vehicle managing system has been changed completely.
The mesh and submesh system has been revised completely.
The aim of these complexs resworks is a secured processing in order to avoid tons of unidentified exceptions ("Bereichsfehler") and freezes of the game., jedoch sollte die Zahl der unerklärlichen Bereichsfehler und Freezes erheblich zurückgegangen sein.

Smaller chunks:
Every addon will have the opportunity to use its own .ini file which can not be deleted by steam.
Problems with the UI due to changed Windows zoom are solved.
A logfile entry "Creation of AI vehicle" (including line, tour, tour entry, file name, ID) has been added
Many of different logfile entries concerning functions and procedures in the game have been added to find bugs
The passengers in the 3rd tutorial are back!
Switches are enabled again
Terrain shadows are back
Many other little bugfixes have been done

In addition, many hard-to-find "Bereichsfehler" and access errors are investigated at the moment.


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Vs: Päivitykset
« Vastaus #8 : Elokuu 30, 2016, 15:06:39 »
OMSI 2 päivitys 2.3 on tekeillä, siinä korjataan muun muassa "realiaikainen sää". Lisää tietoa tulee myöhemmin OMSI foorumille

Hey fans! :)

Today I've got great news for you!
Patch 2.3 is being developed and betatested - and it will provide a splendid new feature... :)

Further information will be given in our forum, as always. :)
Best regards and a great week for you!

P.S.: We already repaired the "Real Weather" feature. ;)
« Viimeksi muokattu: Syyskuu 03, 2016, 16:49:26 kirjoittanut matti95 »


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Vs: OMSI Päivitykset
« Vastaus #9 : Syyskuu 12, 2016, 20:02:24 »
OMSI 2 v.2.3.003 Päivitys on nyt julkaistu Steamissä.

Aerosoftin Steam artikkeli asiaan liittyen

Itse päivitys liittyy siis tuplanivellisäosaan mikä on kehitteillä.
« Viimeksi muokattu: Syyskuu 12, 2016, 20:15:07 kirjoittanut HJALMAR »


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Vs: OMSI Päivitykset
« Vastaus #10 : Syyskuu 15, 2016, 20:21:39 »
Tänne tulee botilta kaikki uutiset Steamista

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